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Do You Need Flood Insurance?

Nearly half of all American households aren’t aware that a standard homeowners insurance policy will not cover flood-related damages. For protection from floodwaters, you must purchase additional coverage. But do you really need extra flood insurance? people in boots in flooded house

Certain areas of the country lie within flood zones, which translates to a high risk of flooding. But just because you do not live in a flood zone doesn’t mean that you don’t need flood insurance. In fact, floods can occur anywhere at any time. Heavy rains, blockages in rivers, water accumulation after a wildfire and natural disasters — such as hurricanes and tsunamis — can all cause flooding. You may think that a flood in your town is unlikely, but floods are the number one natural disaster in the country and have occurred in all 50 states. 

Just a few inches of water in your home could cost you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs and cleanup. The price of flood insurance is a mere fraction of the cost of a flood. Premiums are determined using factors like the location and age of your house, the risk of a flood, the amount of coverage you want and more. While the average family may pay an amount of approximately $400 for flood insurance, families that live in flood zones should expect to pay more — since they pose a higher risk.

If you wish to purchase flood insurance, or if your mortgage lender requires you to purchase it, call your independent insurance agent for personalized assistance. Just remember, most flood insurance policies take effect 30 days after purchase, so don’t wait until a flood is predicted to take action.