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September 24, 2018
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January 23, 2019
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Insurance plays an important role in your personal and professional financial planning. It is an essential tool for risk management and protecting your personal and business investments.
Unfortunately, many people tend to keep their business and personal insurance planning and policies as separate as possible. This is not always the wisest decision. In fact, it is often in your best interest to have one trusted insurance agent review your personal and commercial insurance needs and coverages to make sure you have the right “big picture” insurance protection. These are just a few reasons why.

Better Understanding of Your Whole Risk

You are so much more than the sum of your parts. Many agencies offer “one-size” types of insurance policies that are made to offer broad protection that is incomplete.
For instance, a business owner’s policy (BOP) is something every business needs. However, it offers protection that is basic and quite limited in scope and scale. It is not sufficient to meet all the insurance protection needs a business has.
Depending on the field your business is in, you may need any or all of the following types of coverage (and some that may not be on the list) in addition to your BOP:
  • Professional liability insurance (errors and omissions)
  • Workers’ compensation insurance (essential if you have employees)
  • Product liability insurance
  • Commercial auto insurance or non-owned vehicle insurance (for businesses that employ delivery drivers who use their personal vehicles)
  • Commercial umbrella insurance
  • Equipment breakdown insurance
  • Cyber liability insurance
  • Crime insurance
  • Inland marine insurance
  • Food spoilage insurance (for restaurants and supermarkets)
As you can see, the list of options and add-ons for insurance coverage are extensive and the need for these types of coverage vary by business and industry.
The same comes for personal insurance products as well. When you work with an agent who understands your specific personal and commercial insurance situation, you can get coverage tailored specifically to your needs and concerns that manage all your risks and provide sufficient coverage for you, personally, as well as for your business.

Why is Insurance So Important?

Insurance is one of those products you purchase in hopes you’ll never need to use it. Niceville residents understand, all too well, how the world can turn on a dime. From natural disasters and unforeseen acts of nature to crime, vandalism, and even fire, the ravages to families, businesses, and finances are difficult to predict.
Working with a trusted, local, insurance agent who understands that risks you face due to location, geography, and industry can ensure you get the whole protection you need for your home, your personal property, your business, and your financial security.
Contact Niceville Insurance Agency today, by calling 850-729-2131, and let us work with you to create a package of insurance products that reduces your risks and financial exposure when emergencies arise.

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